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Value-Added Design Wins Rich Market Applause

Carving a niche for personalized service, attention to details and offering value-added service born forma rich mix of experience and knowledge, STUDIO 5 INTERNATIONAL LTD is carving a niche for itself.

The three partners have been in this industry for over 15 to 20 years and I think it is our similar mind set and goal that brought us together to the establishment of Studio 5,” says Ngai Kenny Man Kam, Director of Studio 5 International Ltd.

“All of us wanted to achieve something that is our own and as we are all from the corporate world therefore starting up our own business was very challenging but it was good that we are all the very ‘hands-on’ type so I guess that makes it easier in a way,” says Ngai. 

Attitude for Success

“I think it is our attitude and dedication towards what we do that makes us successful. Also, we have a young and energetic team that is always positive in dealing with deadlines and difficult projects. I believe people are the key to our industry but no matter how experienced you are attitude and dedication is what we look for in our colleagues.”

“We usually will go the extra mile when we prepare our design proposals by giving customers more design options and ideas to try and create a better communication with the client since the more we listen and communicate with the client the better understanding we will have toward their thinking. Besides providing design service we also have a team who take cares of the technical aspect of the project to ensure that the design and construction can both be done smoothly.”

“We also have a team who take cares of the technical aspect of the project to ensure that the design and construction can both be done smoothly.” – Kenny Ngai

Growth Prospects

For our industry there is definitely growth in the greater China region as a lot of MNCs have established their headquarters in China to further expand their business. Besides MNCs, there are also a lot of China-based companies that have expanded very quickly over the past 10 years. We have actually established a China branch in GZ about a year back and we have just been awarded the certificate for Grade B construction level, so we are looking forward to how we can further expand our business into Greater China.”

“The Hong Kong market is a very mature one and the fee or construction costs are very competitive. Also over the past 5 to 10 years there has been a lot of China-based companies establishing offices here so we have to fine tune our ways of working to accommodate these types of companies or cultures.”

Building the Future

“We are now working with some of our clients who are MNCs and doing design for their offices in the Asian region. Hopefully we will be able to further open up more offices in Asia to expand our business. In any case I believe our determination and the team that we have built in the past years is the key to our success because without these two factors we would never be able to get to where we are today. Even though we are still a small company but we have avision to further develop our business to become even stronger in the coming years.”

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