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Precious Metals Pioneer Brings Sparkle to Market

Raising the bar and setting new standards for precious metals trading, DENG CHANGQING’s vision for futuristic business is winning friends and influencing people.

With over two decades of experience in investment and precious metals trading Golday Precious Metals Company Ltd was founded in 2014, by Deng Changqing, the company’s CEO. Deng saw a golden opportunity for precious metals in the China market— demands of gold and other precious metals are significantly higher than their supplies—which led to a profound insight into the bright prospects for precious metals. “Further, gold and precious metals are effective hedging instruments in times of economic uncertainty, so I knew there would be much to gain from such astute investments,” he says. 

“You have to look at the market to see that with the rise of China economy, the gold market is thriving. Gold has been a secure investment, which helps investors safeguard wealth over time. While stocks rise and fall; and economies may falter and experience setbacks, gold maintains its buying power over decades, keeping investors safe from global and domestic financial turmoil. Therefore, our company invests large amount of time and resources into different marketing campaigns such as advertisement on the Internet and China Railway High-speed (Shanghi-Beijing) to expand our client base.”

Client Loyalty

He says: “Our company provides an efficient e-Trading platform together with professional and reliable trading services to our clients in the Asia-Pacific region and we launch various promotions regularly, so our clients can experience the investment services cost-effectively.”

“Our company invests in brand development by cooperating with a renowned and reliable spokesman and receiving a number of awards inside and outside the industry, therefore our clients can invest with trust and confidence,” says Deng.

“Our customer service team provides clients with 24-hour customer telephone enquiry hotline and online service, including a variety of communication platforms such as WeChat, Live800, QQ, email and instant messages.” – Deng Changqing

24/7 Service

“Besides providing our clients with high-efficiency precious metals trading experiences, we strive to develop a professional customer service team to assist clients. They have to go through an intensive training program to gain understanding of the trading industry and financial market. Our customer service team provides clients with 24-hour customer telephone enquiry hotline and online service, including a variety of communication platforms such as WeChat, Live800, QQ, email and instant messages.”

“Our professional and prestigious analysts provide our clients with suggestions on investment and daily news and updates about the financial market and precious metal products and we develop a variety of premium customer reward programs and loyalty programs, so our clients can benefit from their investment decisions in Golday and grasp golden opportunities.”

Building on Excellence

The company is keen to expand its business by cooperating with long-term business partners based on mutual trust and loyalty. It recently established a preliminary business relationship with one of the leading retailers in Hong Kong and China to develop new gold products.

“We provide clients with top-notch trading experience by upgrading our website and platform regularly and equipping our customer service team with latest financial knowledge and market news.”

“The key of success is our determination to service excellence in all aspects. First, we are keen to provide clients with the lowest-cost products so they can benefit from the rise of the precious metals trading industry. In addition, we are committed to assist clients in their investment processes anytime with professional service. On the other hand, we provide clients with a convenient and user-friendly trading platform to make their investment easy and fast,” Deng explains. This being the first time, the company has won the prestigious HKMVC Award, he is confident the award will help the brand reinforce its market presence, boost employee loyalty and draw more attention from investors, customer and peers.

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