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Fresh From the Farms of Japan to Your Doorstep!

Yes, its true! Perfectly fresh fruits and vegetables directly from farms in Japan can be delivered straight to your home thanks to a vision made real by DAIJU TAKAHASHI, President of OISIX Hong Kong.

Hong Kong has long has a fascination with Japan – a fact that’s clearly seen from the increasing number of Japanese consumables flooding the market. Japan continues to rank highly where it comes to ethics in manufacturing, transparency in marketing and of course world-class quality of produce. Naturally, fans of Japanese fresh produce were ecstatic at the thought of having fresh fruits and veggies flown in and delivered directly to their homes, and so OISIX was born, to fill this niche. 

Dream Come True

“Hong Kong has the strong needs for Japanese safe and delicious foods, and places only minimum barriers including zero tariff on food import. The customer’s need for safe and delicious foods has been expanding in the greater China market,’ says Daiju Takahashi, President of Oisix Hong Kong.

Oisix is operating in the Hong Kong market only currently but intends to start its service in mainland China soon.

“E-commerce and home delivery of fresh food products is still in the primitive stage in Hong Kong despite the growing needs for safe and fresh food, and Oisix was able to fill the gap leveraging our experience and expertise in Japan.”

Oisix delivers fresh vegetable and fruits from Japanese farms to Hong Kong dining table shipping by air.

“Our proud safety standards and quality control system assures safe and delicious food for Hong Kong customers,” says Takahashi.

Quality & Cost-Effective

Making the successful business model has not been easy, says Takahashi. “Assuring the quality of cold supply chain including cross-border air -freight, and establishing sustainable business model at the same time have been a challenging task. With close collaboration with our logistics partners, we have been able to achieve this dual goal of quality and cost effectiveness.”

According to Takahashi, closer cross-cultural ties between Hong Kong and japan are giving rise to new Japanese restaurants, concepts bars and hotels and Japanese products and services in general.

“Hong Kong has the purchasing power and consumer sophistication to enjoy quality products and thanks to the Internet, a new world of information is at the consumer’s tips. Hong Kong also has a very good logistics and supply chain management industry to ensure that all kinds of time, temperature and climate controlled products are delivered safely and in time from origin to consumer.”

“We plan to go to the mainland China market to serve for the needs of Chinese consumers for safe and delicious foods. There is no secret to our success, but we do incessantly listen to customers’ voice and improve our service to best serve their needs. We also have a “Chinese wall” between the sales department and the quality control department not to compromise the safety for sales increase,” he says.

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